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 Pulamanthole (Kerala)

Pulamanthole is a small town in Malappuram district of Kerala. It is situated on the banks of Kunthippuzha (also called as Thoothappuzha). The river separates Malappuram and Palakkad districts. From Pulamanthole one road leads to Kolathur through which Valancheri and Malappuram are accessible from this area. The nearest towns are Perinthalmanna (12 km) and Pattambi (11 km). State Highway - 39 connecting Perumpilavu with Nilambur pass through Pulamanthole.

Pulamanthole Quick facts

  • How to reach Pulamanthole by Road


    The District has a good road network. The National Highway-17 enters at Idimuzhikkal in the north and runs through Calicut University. Kottakkal, Valancherry, Kuttipuram, Thavanur, Ponnani, Puduponnani, Veliyancode ends at Kadikkad, having a length of 82 km. The road proceeds to Thrissur district in the South. The National Highway 213 enters at Iykarappadi near Ramanattukara and pass through Kondotty, Malappuram, Perinthalmanna and ends at Karinkallathani. The NH having a length of 68 km Important State Highways like Kozhikode-Nilambur-Gudalur road, Thrissur-Kuttippuram, Palakkad-Perinthalmanna, Perumbilavu-Pattambi-Perinthalmanna-Nilambur road, Koilandi-Thamarasseri-Edavanna pass through the district. Total 208.178 km of State Highway and 1220.202 km of major district roads, 102 km of other district roads and 160 km of rural roads, provides sufficient interlink age of places.

  • How to reach Pulamanthole by Rail


    Two railways lines, namely Mangalore-Madras and Nilambur-Shornur pass through the district. The first through the coastal belt. Vallikkunnu, Parappanangadi, Tanur, Tirur, Tirunnavaya and Kuttippuram (from north to South) are the railway stations in this line. Tirur is an important station. Nilambur-Shornur railway line passes through the eastern parts of the district. Nilambur, Vaniyambalam, Thuvur, Melattur, Pattikkad, Angadipuram and Cherukara are the railway stations.

  • How to reach Pulamanthole by Air


    The Kozhikode Airport, one of the most beautifully designed airports in India, is at Karippur, 26 km, away from Malappuram and 28 km. away from Kozhikode. It has a runway of 9377 feet with night landing facilities. Total 140 flight services are there i.e., 70 arrivals and 70 departures.

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    Pulamanthole Festivals and culture

  • Pulamanthole Culture

    Art and Culture

    Malappuram district has a good tradition in the field of art and culture. Many of the renowned writers and poets hail from this part of the land. It is a long chain, starting with Thunjath Ezhuthachan, honoured as the father of modern Malayalam literature. He was born in Trikkandiyur near Tirur, 400 years ago. He wrote his poems in Malayalam, when the Kerala literary field. Ramayanam and Mahabharatham of Ezhuthachan are widely read in Malayali houses, as sacred books.

  • Pulamanthole Religious Places

    Pulamanthole Sree Rudra Dhanwanthari Temple

    Sree Rudra Dhanwanthari Temple which is about 3500 years old is situated in the centre of Pulamanthole. At the beginning only the idol of Siva was present. This temple belongs to the Ashtavaidya Pulamanthole Mooss family. Even then all Hindus were given freedom to worship in this ,temple from ancient times. Once the Travancore Maharaja suffered severe stomach pain. He was given treatment by various people but it was of no use, so messengers were sent to Pulamanthole Mana with Palaquin. When the royal messengers reached there, only a lady and a child were in the Illam. The Upanayanam ceremony had not yet been performed by the young boy. In those days only after Upanayanam knowledge of medicine would be granted. When the royal messengers gave the message the young boy was upset. He told his mother about the message. The mother told her son to tell the messengers that he could go only after 12 days Bhajana (prayers) in his family temple. So the young boy went to the family temple for Bhajana. On the 12th night Lord Siva came in the form of a Sanyasi (Monk) and gave him three tablets (pills). He also said that this medicine will cure the king. The king will offer many gifts but he should not accept instead he should ask the king to take the Idol of Dhanwanthari which is in the river Tamaraparni and install it on the left side of Siva and build a temple. Thus a Rudra Dhanwantari temple was built in Pulamanthole. People believe that all ailments can be cured if pray to the Lord and perform Vazhivadu (offerings) in this famous Sree Rudra Dhanwanthari Temple. Many patients even today visit the temple and pray to the Lord. The Ashtavaidya families are famous right from the beginning of Kerala. One of Ashtavaidya families is the famous Pulamanthole Mooss. Many people have heard and also experienced the greatness and effectiveness of their treatment. Many incurable diseases have been cured by their treatment. In the past, Rasayana . treatment was performed for Madana Mohana Malavika. In the same way today many famous people have known the effective treatment of Pulamanthole Mooss.
    The famous emperor of Karnatic Music Sree Chembai Vaidyanatha Bhagavathar was cured by the treatment of Pulamanthole Mooss when he had an attack of paralysis. As an offering he built the roof (nadapanthal) over the pathway between both the Sreekovil of Sree Rudra Dhanwanthari temple. Usually after only Upanayanam Ayurveda is taught. After that before they start practising they have to attend Bhajana for one year and this method was followed in the past and even today. Most of the patients who come here are those who have tried different medical treatments and have met with failure. No one who came here for treatment has been disappointed. So the Pulamanthole Mooss family is very famous in the field of treatment. The Samadhi of Vagbhatacharya, the creator of Ashtangahridaya also was here. The Pulamanthole Mooss family is very holy in every way.

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    Pulamanthole Entertainment and Night Life

  • Pulamanthole Museum and Hill Stations

    Wood related business is widely seen in Malappuram district. In Kottakkal, Edavanna, Vaniyambalam, Karulai, Nilambur and Mampad; there are more than hundred wood related indutries. Saw mills, furniture manufactures and timber sales are the most important business in Malappuram district. The Nilambur teak museum is very famous.

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