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 Kondotty (Kerala)

Introduction: Kondotty is a growing town in Malappuram district, Kerala, South India  is famous for the Nercha in the Pazhayangadi Mosque. It is the birth place of the great Mappila Poet, Moyiain kutty Vaidyar. he popularised Mappilapatt by his poems on non religious and romantic themes. A memorial for the poet is proposed to be built in Kondotty.

History: The history of Kondotty is connected with that of the 18th century Kondotty Thangals, the Sufi exponents. Tipu Sultan of Mysore brought the first Thangal Muhammad Shah, to bring the Mappilas on his side. The Thangal first resided at Areekode and later settled in Kondotty. When the British arrived, putting an end to the reign of Tipu Sultan, the Thangal switched sides and joined the British. Hence, during the 1921 upsurge, the Mappila mob attacked the house of the seventh Thangal, Nasiruddin Shah.

Description: Kondotty is famous for the Nercha (Malayalam for 'offering') in the Pazhayangadi Mosque. Kondotty is the birthplace of the great Mappila poet, Moyinkutty Vaidyar. He popularised Mappilapattu (Mappila songs) by his poems on non-religious and romantic themes. A memorial for this poet has also been built in Kondotty.

Kondotty Quick facts

  • Kondotty Geography and Climate

    Climate: The district has more or less the same climatic conditions prevalent else-where the state, viz, dry season from December to February, hot season from March to May, the South West Monsoon from October to November. The South West Monsoon is usually very heavy and nearly 75 percent of the annual rains are received during this season. The climate is generally hot and humid; the range of temperature varying between 30oC and 20oC. The Average annual rainfall is 290 mm.

  • Kondotty Orientation

    Calicut International Airport is near to kondotty (3 km). Airport is situated at Karipur which is in kondotty panchayath. The major NH17 road connecting Palakkad-Kozhikkode is passing through Kondotty.

  • Kondotty Near Getaways

    Nediyiruppu is a place 2 km from Kondotty. It is from where the Zamorin kingdom was expanded. During the ancient times, Zamorins were known as Neiyiruppu Swaroopams. There is a developing city named Pulikkal near Kondotty.

  • How to reach Kondotty by Road

    Malappuram is linked by motorable roads to several towns in Kerala, Karnataka and Tamil Nadu. Kondotty is situated on the Malappuram-Kozhikode route, about 35 km from Kozhikode.

  • How to reach Kondotty by Rail

    The main railway station is at Calicut. Nearest railway station is at Kozhikode.about 35 km

  • How to reach Kondotty by Air

    Nearest airports is Karipur International Airport, Kozhikode, about 10 km from Kondotty.

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    Kondotty Festivals and culture

  • Kondotty Festivals

    Valiya Nercha is the week long festival, celebrated at the Kondotty Mosque, situated at Kondotty on the Malappuram  - Kozhikode route. Meaning 'the great vow', the festival is held in the month of March.

    This mosque, believed to date back to the 18th century is popularly known as Pazhayangadi and is associated with the Muslim Saint, Muhammed Shah, famous as Kondotty Thangal. Thousands of devotees attend the religious procession and fairs held during the festival.

  • Kondotty Religious Places

    Kondotty Nercha: Kondotty Nercha is held every year at Pazhayangadi Mosque, which contains the tomb of the first Thangal, Muhammad Shah. Thousands of devotees attend the Nercha, which consists of certain religious processions. Unconventional Muslims in Kerala are against the Nercha at the tombs of dead persons (see: Islahi Movement in Kerala). Fairs are also held during the Nercha.

  • Kondotty Monuments

    Kondotty Mosque: Situated at Kondotty on the Malappuram – Kozhikode route, this mosque is believed to date back to the 18th Century. It is commonly known as Pazhayangadi and is associated with the Muslim Saint Mohammed Shah, popularly referred to as ‘Kondotty Thangal’. ‘Kondotty Nercha’, the main festival, falls in March.

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