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 Warangal (Andhra Pradesh)

Warangal is the most important historic city in the Telangana region. Warangal was described by the 13th century Venitian traveller, Marco Polo, as one of the principal cities of South India. It was the capital of the Hindu Kakatiya kings, who dominated this region until the beginning of the 14th century.
 Warangal, 157 km from Hyderabad, is noted for its beautiful lakes, splendid temples and wildlife. The Thousand Pillars Temple, Bhadrakali Temple, Ramappa Lake and Temple, Raymond's Tomb, and Srisailam one of the most important of Lord Shiva's temples. Warangal city today is a part of a cluster of three towns - Warangal, Kazipet and Hanamkonda, the district headquarters.

Warangal Quick facts

  • Warangal Geography and Climate

    Warangal is at about 157 km from Hyderabad and is positioned in the Telangana region of the Andhra Pradesh. It is the administrative unit within the Warangal District. Warangal District is spread to an area of about 12,846 km, and  has a population of about 2,818,832.
     Climate : Tropical Summer temperature : Minimum 23.2°C, Maximum 39.6°C Winter temperature : Minimum 13.5°C, Maximum 30°C Annual rainfall : 82.5 cm

  • Best time to visit Warangal

    Best Time to Visit: November to February. 
    Attractions : Warangal Fort, Thousand Pillar Temple, Bhadra Kali Temple etc The winter season in Warangal is from November to June, where temperature goes down to a minimum of 13.5°C. The pleasant weather calls on tourists to visit this ancient capital of the Kakatiyas. The winter season offers the best time to visit this place of historical importance.

  • Warangal Orientation

    Warangal is in Andhra Pradesh in Southern India. Historically known as Orugallu and also Ekashila Nagaram(City carved in single stone). The capital of the Kakatiya kingdom which ruled the greater part of present-day Andhra Pradesh from the latter half of the 12th century until the early 14th century when it was conquered by the Tughlaqs of Delhi. The Hindu Kakatiyas were great builders and patrons of  arts and it was during their reign that the Chalukyan style of temple architecture and decoration reached the pinnacle of its development. The most notable examples which remain today are the Thousand-Pillared Temple on the slopes of Hanamkonda hill.

  • Warangal Near Getaways

    Warangal Fort: Rudradeva (1158-1195 A.D) built the Warangal fort when the earlier one at Hanmakonda was found unsafe to check the advancement of enemies.
     Description :The fort has two walls. The inner made of stone and the outer of mud to offer safety to the subjects. A special feature of the fortifications is a long flight of steps extending several hundred yards on each side of the gateways, probably meant to rush to garrison and ramparts to check a sudden attack from the enemy. The most important monument in the fort is the remains of a large temple, Swayambhu at the centre of the fort.

  • Warangal Distance(s)

    Distances from hundreds of cities and towns to warangal in highways kms. Agartala 2932 Guntur 269 Nellore 493 Agra 1259 Gurgaon 1455 Panaji 887 Ahmedabad 1348 Guwahati 2333 Paradwip 1059 Aizawl 2981 Gwalior 1135 Pathankot 1937 Ajmer 1611 Haldia 1360 Patna 1389 Akola 542 Hasan 771 Pondicherry830 Aligarh 1342 Hissar 1625 Porbandar 1742 Allahabad 1055 Hubli 700 Pune 688 Ambala 1653 Hyderabad 140 Purulia 1402 Amritsar 1908 Imphal 2817 Raipur 683 Asansol 1508 Indore 890 Rajkot 1564 Aurangabad 603 Jabalpur 714 Rameshwaram1257 Bhaktiyarpur1437 Jaipur 1386 Ranchi 1357 Bangalore 702 Jaisalmer1784 Ranipettai 777 Barauni 1561 Jalandhar1825 Raurkela 1163 Barddhaman1422 Jammu 2044 Rohtak 1523 Bareilly 1471 Jamnagar 1650 Sagar 840 Belgaum 754 Jhamshedpur1329 Saharanpur 1592 Bellary 507 Jhansi 1042 Salem 905 Bhagalpur 1674 Jodhpur 1345 Sambalpuri 825 Bhavnagar 1535 Jorhat 2636 Shahjahanpur 1497 Bhopal 802 Kakinada 386 Siliguri 1858 Bhubaneshwar 935 Kandla 1713 Shillong 2433 Bikaner 1844 Kanniyakumari1383 Shimla 1804 Bilaspur 794 Kanpur 1252 Shivpuri 1113 Calcutta 1376 Kochi 1235 Silchar 2659 Chandigarh 1699 Kohima 2672 Solapur 445 Chennai 665 Kohlapur 679 Srinagar 2337 Chittardurga 635 Kota 1144 Surat 966 Coimbatore 1042 Kozhikode 1057 Thane 830 Cuttack 960 Krishnagiri 793 Thanjavur 1007 Dehru Dun 1640 Kurnool 350 Thiruvananthapuram 1455 Delhi 1862 Lucknow 1329 Thrissur 1156 Dhanbad 1485 Ludhiana 1766 Trichchirappalli 981 Dhule 746 Madurai 1148 Tirunelveli 1263 Dibrugarh 2772 Mangalore 931 Tirupati 623 Dimapur 2607 Meerut 1464 Tuticorin 1244 Dindigul 1082 Moradabad 1526 Udaipur 1441 Durgapur 1548 Motihari 1555 Ujjain 945 Ganganagar 1809 Mumbai 851 Ulhasnagar 824 Gangtok 1972 Muzaffarnagar 1515 Vadodara 1085 Gaya 1398 Muzaffarpur 1603 Varanasi 1180 Ghaziabad 1480 Mysore 841 Vijayawada 237 Ghazipur1252 Nagpur 450 Vishakhapatnam 510 Gorakhpur 1353 Nanded 327 Gulbarga 354 Nashik 815

    Distance from Warangal to
    Click on link For a list of distances from Warangal to various cities .

  • How to reach Warangal by Road

    National Highway No-202 traverses from Warangal, connecting it with Hyderabad and other major cities. There are regular bus services, which link this city with Hyderabad, Yadagirigutta, Vijayawada, Armur, Kolanupaka, Jangaon, Kodad, Karimnagar, Nizamabad, Adilabad, Suryapet, Palampet, Jagtial, Khammam, Bhadrachalam, Basara, Bangalore, Mysore and Tirupati.

  • How to reach Warangal by Rail

    The best way to reach the city is by railways. Almost all the trains that ply on the Chennai-New Delhi Trunk train route stop at the city station.

  • How to reach Warangal by Air

    Hyderabad Airport is the nearest one, located about 140 km from Warangal. It is connected with all the major cities of India and few of the international cities as well. To cover further distance, you can take private bus services or hire taxis.

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    Warangal Festivals and culture

  • Warangal Festivals

    Hindu festivals such as Dasara, Deepavali, Sri Ramanavami, Krishna Janmastami, Vinayaka Chavithi (Ganesh Chaturthi) and Maha Sivarathri are celebrated in the State. Similarly, Muslim festivals such as Bakrid and Id-ul-Fitr and Christian festivals like Christmas, Easter and new years day are also celebrated with gaiety. But the celebrations of Ugadi (Telugu new years day), Sankranti, Dasara, and Vinayaka Chaturthi are quite special to the city & unique in their own way.
     Sankranti : In January, Sankranti also known as the harvest festival, marks the entry of the sun into the northern hemisphere. The day, held auspicious by Hindus, is marked by worship of the Sun God and kite flying. Houses are decorated with rangolis.It is also the festival of kites. 
    Ugadi : Ugadi occurring in March/April is the Telugu New Year. On this day, houses are cleaned, painted and a 'toran' of mango leaves is strung in front of each house.

  • Warangal Culture

    The city of Warangal has developed both under the political and historical influences of successive great kings. Warangal and Hanamkonda is linked with the dynasties of Great "Vishnukundins" and  prior to it the Buddhist and prebuddhist periods of Indian History. During Eighth Century A.D. , Warangal with an old name "Orukal" has served as Capital City of Yadava king of the Kakatiyas or Ganapatis making Warangal as Capital City. The name of Warangal "Orugallu" is said to be correct form of Orukal which is the original designation ,the old town. Kakatiya Stage : 1260 - 1422

  • Warangal Religious Places

     SRI MALLIKARJUNA TEMPLE KOLANUPAKA: This temple is dedicated to Lord Sri Mallikarjuna. The temple is located in a cave on a small hillock at a distance of 110 Kms from Warangal. Lakhs of piligrims congregate on the eve of Makara Sankranthi as Brahmotsavam starts. The clay moulded diety of Lord Mallikarjuna swamy is believed to be made 500 years ago. The temple is renovated and mandapams and choultries etc., are constructed by Endowments Department. It is located at a distance of 85 kms from the state capital on Karimnagar - Hyderabad - Highway (Rajiv Rahadari).
     SRI RUDRESWARA SWAMY TEMPLE, HANAMKONDA: The temple decorated with one thousand pillars temple, and popularity known as Thousand pillars temple. The Kakatiya ruler 'Rudra Deva' built this historic monument in the year 1163 A.D. and named after him as 'Sri Rudreswara swamy temple 'Trikootalaya", The presiding diety is Rudreswara.

  • Warangal Monuments

    ARCHITECTURAL MONUMENTS & TEMPLES: Thousand Pillars Temple ,12th Century Ramappa Temple, 12th Century Warangal Fort Ghanpur Group of Temples. 
    History :Rudradeva (1158-1195 A.D) built the Warangal fort when the earlier one at Hanmakonda was found unsafe to check the advancement of enemies. Description: The fort has two walls. The inner made of stone and the outer  made of mud to offer safety to the subjects. A special feature of the fortifications is a long flight of steps extending several hundred yards on each side of the gateways, probably meant to rush to garrison and ramparts to check a sudden attack from the enemy. The most important monument in the fort is the remains of a large temple, Swayambhu at the center of the fort.

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    Warangal Entertainment and Night Life

  • Warangal Adventure

    Warangal today contains some of the best forms of architecute, especially in temples. The 1000-pillar temple and the Ramappa temple in the district are glowing examples of the exquisite architecture patronized by the Kakatiyas. Attraction in the city are Planetarium, Musical Garden, Rock Garden, Archaeological Museum, Samskurithi Vihar etc.

  • Warangal Nightlife

    Night life in Warangal consists of Bars, Cafes, Discos and Cinemas etc,.
     To reside, these are the details of hotels: City Grand Hotel (3 Star Hotel)Near Mulugu Cross Road Phone: 0870-245-4587/88/89. Mitra Residency in Hanamkonda, 091-0870645999,9246892555,9246892999. Hotel Suprabha, in Hanmakonda, 091 - 0870 - 2573 888, 2574 888, [1] Ashoka Hotel, Phone No: 0870 2578491, 2578492. Hotel Ratna, Phone no: 0870-2500555/645/646. Punnami Hotel(a AP Tourism Hotel), Phone-0870 2432312,

  • Kidding around Warangal

    Musical Garden, Rock Garden, Regional Science Centre, Van Vigyan Kendra are some of the places where children can gain knowledge as well as  have fun and entertainment.

  • Warangal Shopping

    Hanamkonda is the best place to get premium Khadi items that offers authentic items at reasonable rates. Podduturi Complex, near Warangal, is a nice place to shop for Lepakshi handicrafts. One could visit Pembarthy village some 50 kms away on the road to Hyderabad. The village is famous for brass artifacts.

  • Famous To Eat at Warangal

    South Indian and North Indian food will be served in hotels and restaurants.

  • Warangal Museum and Hill Stations

    KOLANUPAKA SITE MUSEUM: Location : 80-kms From Hyderabad And 6-kms From Aler, Warangal District, Andhra Pradesh Kolanupaka came into prominence when it was made the alternate capital of the Kalyani Chalukyas in the 11th century AD. The State Department of Archaeology and Museums established a sculptural gallery, which exhibits artefacts from the various historical monuments in Kolanupaka. Artefacts from both the Chalukyan and Kakatiyan styles are displayed in the museum. The museum has more than 100 images collected around Kolanupaka. This museum is of great help to the research scholars who are researching on sculpture and calligraphy of both Chalukyan and Kakatiyan periods. Timings: 10.30am To 5pm Entry: Free Photography: Allowed

  • Gardens and Parks at Warangal

    RECENT ATTRACTIONS: Musical Garden, Rock Garden, Regional Science Centre, Van Vigyan Kendra and  Planetarium.There is a planetarium and a beautiful garden near to Bhadrakali Temple. The garden has a good sound and light show with water fountains. This place is famous with the students.

  • Lake at Warangal

    Some of the lakes in Warangal are : Ramappa Lake, Pakhal Lake, Lakhnavaram Lake. 
    Pakhal Lake: In the early 13th century, Pakhal Lake was assembled by using a small tributary of Krishna River. The initiative to construct this man made lake was taken by Ganapathidev, the Kakatiya king. Sprawled over an area of 30 sq km, the picturesque lake is located at a distance of 50 km from Warangal.

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    Warangal Tips

  • Warangal Travel Tips

    While visiting religious places, remove your shoes outside and respect the traditions of the place. Prefer carrying traveller's cheques instead of cash. These cheques can be easily exchanged at various money exchangers. Don't leave your personal belongings unattended. Rather than travelling alone, prefer moving in groups. Don't indulge in any illegal stuff like drugs etc, since it is a crime and the guilty will be treated strictly.

  • Warangal Tourist Offices

    Regional Tourist Information Bureau, Warangal Tel: +91 0870 2459201 A.P Tourist Information Counter, Railway Station, Kazipet Tel: +91 0870 2549109

  • Warangal ATM's

    Andhra Bank ATM Centres : Opp Ashoka Theater, HanamkondaChowrastha, Hanamkonda. Near Mahankali Gudi,Gopalaswamy Temple, Opp. Padmavathi College Lane, MGM Road,Warangal. Subedari Busstop,Subedari, Hanamkonda Warangal Chowrasta, Station Road,Warangal. State Bank Of India ATM Centres: 1.Opp HNK Police Station,Hanmakonda 2.Opp Arts and Science College, Subedari,Hanamkonda ICICI Bank ATM Centres: 1.Green Square Plaza ,Petrol Pump,Hanamkonda 2.Warangal Chowrastha, Near SBH Petrol Bunk, JPN Road, Warangal

  • Must do at Warangal

    A visit to 'The 1000-pillar temple' in the district is a must as it is considered as the glowing example of the exquisite architecture patronized by the Kakatiyas.

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