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 Sattal (Uttaranchal)

Saatal  is an ideal all-season camp. And because it's a mere 7 hour drive from Delhi (or a comfortable overnight journey by train), escaping to Saat tal is easy.  Apart from the abundance of natural beauty around you, the camp promises a lot of fun and action. You can enjoy kayaking, fishing and swimming in crystal clear lakes, rock-climbing and treks through dense jungles past hidden villages and waterfalls. Camp-fires, games and barbeques complete the outdoor experience. For those looking for a more laid back holiday, you can laze on the hammock with a book or a pair of binoculars to spot a variety of exotic Himalayan birds.

Sattal Quick facts

  • Sattal Geography and Climate

    Weather & Best Season of Sattal
    In Sattal, April, May and June are summer months offering very pleasant and warm climate within a temperature range of 10°C to 27°C. During winters in December to February, the climate is very severe and the temperature reaches to 2°C and winters are accompanied by heavy snowfalls. The months July and August are the season for rainfalls. Sattal experiences average rainfalls during the monsoons.

    The Shivaratri celebrations during February-March, Dussera during October and 5 day long celebrations, the Bageshwar Mela pilgrimage, during January are the major attractive festivals in Sattal.

    Best period to visit Sattal is between March to June and September to November

  • Best time to visit Sattal

    March to april or september to november is the best seasons to visit Sat Tal in Uttaranchal.

  • Sattal Near Getaways

    Nainital : (Uttaranchal)-320 kms North-East of Delhi. Nainital, the beloved of the British, is blessed with scenic natural splendor. It spreads around a blue lake, reflecting its yachts and its red-roofed houses. Nainital with its many residential schools, hotels and restaurants is a hill station offering boating, horse riding, long walks along shaded mountain roads, and a ride on its Aerial Express Cable Car. traction. The climate is conducive to the growth of fruit trees and is famous for its fruit orchards.             
    Travel Information:
    By Road6½hours. Route: Delhi-Rampur via Ghaziabad,Hapur,Gajrola, Moradabad (NH24), Rampur-Nainital(NH87).
    By Rail     8½hours(7½ hour+1hour from Kathgodam Railway Station). 5013 Ranikhet Express (Night).
    Activity: Horse riding, Boating, Cable car.
    Sightseeing: Snoe View,China Peak.
    Excursions : Bhowali(11kms), Bhimtal(22kms), Naukuchiatal(22kms).

     Mukteshwar : (Uttaranchal)-344 kms North-East of Delhi. Surrounded by fruit orchards and thick coniferous forest, it provides a majestic view of the Himalayas and the Almora town below in glittering moonlit nights. The famous Mukteshwar, is situated atop a high ridge at 7513 ft. above sea level. Indian Veterinary Research Institute, developed by the Britishers, is also located here.

    Ranikhet :
    (Uttaranchal)-366 kms North-East of Delhi. Ranikhet, an old cantonment from British time, stretches along a Himalayan ridge, 1,829 metres high. Rajasthan offers a breathtaking view of the majestic Himalayas and the Nanda Devi peaks. The lush green pine and oak forest makes it a nature-lover's resort: quiet, genteel, and very relaxed.

    Shimla  : (Himachal Pradesh)-365 kms North of Delhi. Shilmla, the capital of Himachal Pradesh, was the summer capital under British rule. Rich in tradition and natural beauty, Shimla, is surrounded by pine, deodar, oak and rhododendron forests. Its well developed facilities, easy accessibility and many attractions make it one of India's most popuIar Hill Station.

  • Sattal Distance(s)

    Approximate Distances
    Delhi - Sattal 300 KM
    Nainital - Sattal 22KM
    Kathgodam - Sattal 23 KM
    Mukteshwar - Sattal 45 KM
    Corbett National Park - Sattal 100 KM
    Almora - Sattal 65 KM

    Distance from Sattal to
    Click on link For a list of distances from Sattal to various cities .

  • How to reach Sattal by Road

    National highway 87 to reach Kathgodam, from where you will be diverted on the road to reach this district.

  • How to reach Sattal by Rail

    The most convenient way to reach Sattal is by first reaching nearby railway head at Kathgodam. From here, you can hire taxi service.

  • How to reach Sattal by Air

    Pantnagar is the nearest airport, from where you can hire taxi to Sattal.

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    Sattal Festivals and culture

  • Sattal Festivals

    The Shivaratri celebrations during february-march, Dussera during october and 5 day long celebrations, the Bageshwar Mela pilgrimage, during january are the major attractive festivals in Sattal.

  • Sattal Culture

    Sattal Christian Ashram
    Established by evangelist and missionary Revered Stanley Jones (1884-1973), Sattal Christian Ashram is located in the Nainital area, on the banks of Lake Sattal. Accessible by bus or train till Nainital, slow bus rides take travelers through narrow winding roads till 2 km before the Ashram. The last stretch is accessible on foot through a small path. Sattal Ashram is a great place for camping for Sunday schools, youth groups and adventure groups. With no access to television, newspapers, radio or even telephone networks, the Ashram makes for a peaceful and uninterrupted stay. The calm and serene settings of the Ashram in the midst of nature are completely devoid of distraction and provide visitors with a much needed break. With separate arrangements for men and women, there are options of taking up separate cottages, dormitories or shared rooms. On arrival at the ashram, visitors are briefed about the schedule and the code of conduct for the stay there. While home-cooked meals give a personalized experience, individual counseling for youth helps them seek guidance and direction. Interactive activities, prayers games and campfire make for an exciting and unforgettable stay at the ashram.

  • Sattal Religious Places

    Sattal Christian Ashram: Sattal christian ashram, which is situated in the majestic banks of the gorgeous lakes. A former tea estate had been converted in to a much acclaimed institution to spread the virtues of christianity among the Indian populace. Ashram premises encompass a holy shrine by name St John's Church, which displays a mixture of Indian and colonial architecture.

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    Sattal Entertainment and Night Life

  • Sattal Adventure

    Subhash Dhara: There is a spectacular natural spring of fresh water arising out of dense Oak forest at Sattal towards the west.  Sat Tal also offer adventurers a wide range of trekking, biking, abseiling, mountain biking, rock climbing, night-trekking, nature trail, backpacking, angling, kayaking, rafting, river-crossing, boating, jungle-safari and night-camping opportunities. One can also enjoy boating and fishing here.

  • Famous To Eat at Sattal

    Try out Machan, Embassy or the Capri for its mouth watering dishes.

  • Sattal Museum and Hill Stations

    Butterfly Museum: There is a rich butterfly museum built by Frederic Smetacek at Jones Estate, which has over 2,500 butterfly and moth specimens and 1100 species of insects that are found in this region.

  • Gardens and Parks at Sattal

    Jim Corbett: (Uttaranchal)-280 kms North-East of Delhi. India's first national park is situated in the foothills of the mighty Himalayas, is spread over 1200 KM, ranging from 400 m to 1200 m altitude. This rich and rare bio - diversity Park, with its thick Forests Marshy Plateaus, Grasslands and Ravines is home to an aboundant variety of wild life. As per the latest census there are over 150 tigers. Infact Corbett has the Highest Tiger Density in India around 1 Tiger in every 5 KM

    Travel information:
    By Road 7½hours.Route:Delhi- Hapur -Moradabad (NH24) Kashipur - Ramnagar -Bijrani -Corbett National Park.
    By Rail 11hours(7½ hour+4 hours from Kathgodam Railway Station). 5013 Ranikhet Express (Night).

    Sightseeing: Ranikhet 65 KM,
    Excursions: To Nainital 90 KM from Jim Corbett.
    Temperature: Winter 20 C Min 4 C , Summer Max 35 C , Min 15 C

  • Lake at Sattal

    Seven Lakes Of Sattal:

        - Panna or Garud Tal
        - Nal-Damyanti Tal
        - Purna Tal
        - Sita Tal
        - Ram Tal
        - Laxman Tal
        - Sukha Tal or Khurdariya Tal.

  • Sattal Seasonals

    The climate in the summer is warm and pleasant and thus summer. In winters, the climate is extremely cold and leads to heavy snowfalls. The place records average rainfall during monsoon season.

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    Sattal Tips

  • Sattal Tourist Offices

    Tourist office
    KMVN Tourist Rest House
    Phone: 05946-247047

  • Must do at Sattal

    Things to see and do
    Leave the gentle boat rides on the lakes to day-trippers who want nothing more from Sattal than a hot plate of channa, rice and Coke or coffee or tea after a long float.

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