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 Almora (Uttaranchal)

History: In the 9th century Almora was ruled by Katyur dynasty. By 16th century this place was ruled by rulers from Chandravansh. This town was established by King Balo kalyan chand in 1563. This place was then capital city of Kumaon region. The forts, monuments and palaces built by the rulers of Chandravansh and Katyur dynasty are even today evidence of the splendour this place had in the past. In 1790 Almora passed in the hands of nepali gorkhas. The Britishers gained control of this place from gorkhas in 1815.

Description: Almora is one of the five districts of Uttaranchal and a very popular hill station. At an elevation of 1,646 m above the sea level, Almora is based on a 5 km long horseshoe shaped ridge. Almora, a picturesque district in the Kumaun region, east of Uttarakhand in India, with a breathtaking panoramic view of  Himalayas, summons tourists worldwide to its alluring grandeur of natural beauty. Almora is  surrounded by dense forests of fur and pine trees. Nestled in the lap of nature this region has small houses built on the slopes and splendour of this place are added colourful attire of the natives. Just besides city flows the Koshi (Kaushaki) and Suyal (Salmali) rivers. Almora is  surrounded by dense forests of fur and pine trees

Almora Quick facts

  • Almora Geography and Climate

    Almora is located at an altitude of 1638 meters (5,500 feet), on a ridge at the southern edge of the Kumaon hills of the Himalaya range. In the shape of a horse saddle shaped hillock it is surrounded by thick forests of pine and fur trees, flowing alongside the city are rivers of Koshi(Kaushiki) and Suyal(salmale) and to top it all are the snow capped Himalayas in the background. Total popution of Almora is 53.507 and 1646mts Altitude is  1646 mts from the sea level.Temperature 25-29 degree in summer, 08-14 degree in winter.
    Rainfall is average 828mm(33'').

  • Best time to visit Almora

     Best time to visit  april - june and september - november

  • Almora Orientation

    Picturesque district of Almora is a fine blend of mountain beauty ancient cultural influences, sanctified spots, thickly wooded forests, scenic valleys, quaint cottages, crystal lakes and gushing rivers. All inspiring one to call it the 'Switzerland of India'. On a horse saddle shaped hillock, surrounded by thick forests of pine and fur trees, flowing alongside the city are rivers of Koshi and Suyal. Almora is famous for its Govind vallabh pant public museum, Bright & Corner, Ranikhet, parks, historic palces,and many religious places.

  • Almora Near Getaways

    Binsar: 35 km from Almora. Binsar, name derived out of the Lord Shiva known as Binsar Deo, is the erstwhile summer capital of the Chand Rajas situated in the backdrop of the lovely snow-capped peaks of Himalayas.

    Jageshwar: 33 km from Almora. Jageshwar near Almora is a prestigious hindu religious location. The temples are surrounded by the lusting greenery of pine and fur forests. The Jageshwar Shiva temple has a special archaeological significance. 

  • Almora Distance(s)

     90 km from Kathgodam,
     103 km from Nainital,
     378 km from Delhi.

    Distance from Almora to
    Click on link For a list of distances from Almora to various cities .

  • How to reach Almora by Road

    lmora is well connected by road with important tourist places as well as major cities like Delhi, Moradabad, Nainital, Kausani, Ranikhet, and Pithoragarh.

  • How to reach Almora by Rail

    Nearest Railway Station is at Kathgodam, which is 90 km away. Direct trains connect it to Delhi, Lucknow and Agra.

  • How to reach Almora by Air

    Nearest Airport is at Pantnagar in the district of Nainital, which is 127 km away.

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    Almora Festivals and culture

  • Almora Festivals

    Doonagiri Mela (fair): Organised at the tample Doonagiri at Ranikhet in the month of october.

    Shrawan Mela (fair): Organised at the of tample Jageshwar at Jageshwar in the month of july & august.

    Gananath Mela (fair): Organised at the tamplein the month of october or nov.

    Dwarhat Mela (fair): Organised at the tampleat Dwarhat in the month of april.

    Kasar Devi Mela (fair):  Organised at the tampleat Kasar Devi tample.

  • Almora Religious Places

    Chitai Temple: This is a very busy area. This temple is dedicated to Lord Golu. The people of Kumaon worship him. Once a wish is fulfilled people hang little bells in this temple. Therefore there are thousands of little bells hanging there. The view of the Himalayas is extremely beautiful from here. This temple is 8 kms away by walk through a beautiful pine forest, but one can go by cart too.

    Katarmal: This 800-year old Sun temple is the second in importance after the Sun temple of Konark in Orissa. Seven kms away from Almora this historical important temple  is an example of intricate sculpturing. This temple is in need of restoration now.

    Binsar: 30 kms from Almora Binsar  has a temple of Shiva who is also called  Bineswar. 2412 mts above sea level this temple was constructed by King Kalyan of the Chand  Dynasty.  Visiting this temple gives one peace of mind.

    Jageshwar : 34 kms away from Almora  this temple of Shiva  is situated amidst a dense deodar forest and has a lot of mythological importance. Here there are about 164 temples of this  kind.

    Nanda Devi Temple:  This 1000-year old temple is one of the main attraction of Almora. Its walls have carvings on them. Every year a festival is held here in which youth from various mountainous areas come here to participate in this dance festival.

    Gannath: 47 kms from Almora this is an ancient Shiva temple  with natural caves.  2116 mts above sea level this place is a favourite with nature lovers.

    Kasar Devi :  Near Kalimutt is the temple of  Kasar Devi. This ancient temple was built on a mountain peak in the second century. The distance between Kalimatt and Kasar Devi is less than 1 km and can be easily covered by foot. The surrounding area has become the home of many foreigners. The main town is 6 km away.

  • Almora Monuments

    Bright End Corner:  Almora is 2 kms away from here.  A highlight of this point is the sunset and the sunrise seen through the himalayan peaks. A circuit house close by allows tourists to spend some time in this peaceful surrounding. Close by is the Vivekanand library which has many books on literature. A little away is the Vivekanand Memorial where Swami Vivekanand had stopped for a while on his journey to the Himalayas.

    Kausani: It situated around 52 KMs from Almora is famous for it's breathtakingly close view of the himalayan peaks and it's solitudes and greenery. The wide expanse of the famous Katyur Valley lies in front of it  Kausani's beauty arrested the feet of even Mahatama Gandhi, who stayed for some time at this place. The memory that brief stay of that great man lingers behind in the Anasakti Ashram.  Another great man of India the famous hindi poet Sumitra Nandan Pant was born here.

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    Almora Entertainment and Night Life

  • Almora Adventure

    Bageshwer: Situated around 90 KMs from Almora, situated at the confluence of the rivers saryu and gomti. Bageswer is the seat of the famous Uttaraini fair which is held every year in January. Even for the adventurous tourist Bageshwer is a necessary destination since in order to reach the glaciers of sunderdunga, kafni and pindari one has to necessarily cross Bageshwer.

    Jalana: Situated 35 KMs away from Almora in picturesque surroundings Jalna offers a wide panoramic view of Himalayas. There are a number of orchards which produce a number of variety of fruits such as apricots, peaches, peers, plums and apples.

    Ranikhet: Around fifty Kms from Almora the quiet and beautiful cantonment township of Ranikhet, is famous for it's salubrious climate, balmy breeze captivating and panoramic Himalayan view and soothing and pollution free greenery of pines and oaks. It is also famous as the regimental center of the Kumaon Regiment of Indian army- one of the most prestigious and the most decorated of all.

    Shitla Khet: Situated between Ranikhet and Almora this picturesque place not only affords a wide view of the Himalayan peaks but is also full of fruit orchards. Scouting camps are frequently held here and there is a beautiful temple of Syahi Devi around 3 Kms away on a lovely mountainous trail.

  • Almora Nightlife

    Night life in Almora has various hotels, resorts and rest house such as, bhagwati palace, hotel sikhar, forest rest house, circuit house, Zila Panchayat dak bungalow, P.W.D, Inspection house, Tourist rest house(sitlakhet),  kalmatia sangam, snow view resort and club mahindra valley resort.

  • Kidding around Almora

    Deer Park: 3 kms from Almora this park is  in NTD (Narayan Tiwari Dewai).

  • Almora Shopping

    Almor is famous for pashmina shawls, woolen products like shawls, chutka, carpets and thulma are very popular here. One can also easily get products of ringal like musta and dalia. Apart from that in local art, you will get Kumaon folk art, decorative candles, drift wood products like ekebanas, statues etc. Copper ware is also very famous here, the city's connection with coppersmiths dates centuries back. 

  • Famous To Eat at Almora

    Almor is famous for spicey food , majority of the people are non- vegetarians . Almor tradational food is  daal , roti, rice, subji, etc.

  • Almora Museum and Hill Stations

    Gobind Vallabh Pant Museum: Govind Vallabh Pant Public Museum situated on the mall road in Almora showcases rich and unique collections of items of archaeological, historic and cultural significance. The precious articles belong to the Katyuri and Chand dynasties are also displayed here.

  • Gardens and Parks at Almora

    Martola: This picnic spot amidst gardens is 10 kms away from Almora. Most of the people who live here are foreigners. Buses and taxis come up to a point called panuwanaula and from there onwards one has to walk.

    Kalimutt : 4.5 kms from Almora, this picnic spot gives a lovely view of the Himalayan peaks.

    Simtola: It is a beautiful place 5 kms from Almora. The place enchants with its picture postcard view, miles of terrain with beautiful hills lined with pine and fur trees. Lying on the opposite side of the horseshoe ridge, Simtola is a quite picnic spot.

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    Almora Tips

  • Almora Travel Tips

    Don't leave ur belongings.
    Preferable to take medicine.

  • Almora Tourist Offices

    Regional Tourist Officer,

    Mall Road,
    Uttaranchal, India - 263 601.
    Contact No. 91-5962-30180

  • Almora ATM's

    Punjab National  Bank
    Mall road,
    Uttaranchal -263301

    Bank Of India
    Central Lodge Premises,
    Mall Raod,
    Uttaranchal - 263601

    State  Bank Of India
    Mall road,
    Uttaranchal - 263601

  • Must do at Almora

     While visiting religious place, remove  your shoe outside and respect the tradations of the place.

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