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 Fagu (Himachal Pradesh)

Description: Fagu is located in Himachal pradesh twenty two km. from Shimla and at a height of 2610 meters,  provides a visitor with an excellent view of the surrounding valleys,  the healing magic environs and solitary splendor promise an unforgettable experience and relaxation. Fagu in Shimla is a vantage point offering a panoramic view of ranges and valleys. Fagu of Himachal in india serves as an ideal base for exploring the charming surroundings which is enriched with orchards and forests. There are a number of western style hotels, holiday homes, YMCA hostels and many cheap lodging around the bus-stand. Hatu Top, which is one of the highest points around, and provides a splendid view of the surrounding region and some of the high peaks of the Himalayas.

Fagu Quick facts

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  • Fagu Distance(s)


    Kufri - 5 kms
    Shilon Bagh - 15 kms
    Chail - 33 kms
    Mashobra - 20 kms
    Naldehra - 30 kms
    Chandigarh : 145 kms
    Kalka : 125 kms
    Parwanoo : 120 kms
    Delhi : 405 kms
     Ambala : 175 kms
    Ludhiana : 245 kms
    Jallandhar : 279 kms
    Manali - 280 kms
    Mandi - 170 kms

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    Fagu Festivals and culture

  • Fagu Festivals

    Fagu Purnima or Holi

    Holi or Fagu Purnima is the festival of colours.Holi is a symbolic commemmoration of a legend from Hindu Mythology. The story centres around a proud king who resents his son Prahlada worshipping Lord Vishnu. He attempts to kill his son but fails each time. Finally, the king's sister Holika who is said to be immune to burning, sits with the boy in a huge fire. However, the prince Prahlada emerges unscathed, while his aunt burns to death. Holi commemorates this event from mythology, and huge bonfires are burnt on the eve of Holi as its symbolic representation. A very exuberant festival, with dancing, singing, and throwing of paint people celebrate the festival by smearing each other with paint, and throwing coloured powder and dye around in an atmosphere of great good humour.It is a festival which brings in an atmosphere of social merriment. Distinctions of caste, class, age, and gender are suspended during Holi .

    Celebrated on March 10th in Hilly Areas & on March 11th in the Terai Region

  • Fagu Religious Places

    The city is well recognized as a popular religious destination among the pilgrims who come to visit many temples situated here in Fagu. One of the most famous one is the Banthia devta, the local god. The temple provides historical view of rich art and culture of the town in the form of wooden carving.

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    Fagu Entertainment and Night Life

  • Fagu Nightlife

    Fagu nights bring out a necklace of lights on the Himalayas. The lights are of Theog-a bustling human settlement laid out longitudinally along the Himalayan slopes.

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