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 Bharwain (Himachal Pradesh)

Bharwain is a small picturesque hill station located about 29 km from Hoshiarpur in Una District of the indian state Himachal Pradesh. It lies at an elevation of about 3,896 ft on the Kangra - Hoshiarpur road.

Bharwain Quick facts

  • Bharwain Geography and Climate

    Coordinates: 31° 48' 29" N 76° 8' 11" E

  • Bharwain Near Getaways

    Pragpur, Meri, Gagret, Chanota, Nalsuha, Karoli, Palace of Dada Siba, Dehra and Garli are located nearby.

  • Bharwain Distance(s)

    Some distances

        * Delhi - Chandigarh - Ropar - Nangal - Una - Mubarakpur - Bharwain - Chintpurni : 430 km
        * Chandigarh - Ropar - Nangal - Una - Mubarakpur - Bharwain - Chintpurni : 200 km
        * Jalandhar - Hoshiarpur - Gagret - Bharwain - Chintpurni : 90 km
        * Hoshiarpur - Gagret - Bharwain - Chintpurni : 42 km
        * Kangra - Jwalaji - Bharwain - Chintpurni : 70 km
        * Naina Devi - Nangal - Una - Mubarakpur - Bharwain - Chintpurni : 115 km
        * Vaishno Devi - Jammu - Pathankot - Kangra - Bharwain - Chintpurni : 250 km

  • How to reach Bharwain by Road

    There are also very frequent buses plying on the Delhi-Chandigarh route (about 5 hours). Chintpurni is another 5 hours away by bus from Chandigarh.

  • How to reach Bharwain by Rail

    Nearest railway station is at Hoshiarpur in Punjab. Closest railheads are at Hoshiarpur ( 42 km) and Una ( 55 km). Frequent bus and taxi services to Chintpurni are available from these towns.

    There are a number of ways to get to Chintpurni from Delhi.

    • Delhi - Chandigarh - Ropar - Nangal - Una - Mubarakpur - Bharwain - Chintpurni
    A number of trains (including a Delhi-Kalka Shatabdi Express which departs Delhi at 730 am and arrives at Chandigarh at 11 am) run between Delhi and Chandigarh.

    • Delhi - Jalandhar - Hoshiarpur - Gagret - Bharwain - ChintpurniYou could take the Delhi-Amritsar Shatabdi Express from Delhi (departing 7.20 am and which arrives at Jalandhar around 12.0 noon) or you could take an overnight train from Delhi to Jalandhar. Then take a bus or taxi to Chintpurni. Jalandhar - Chintpurni journey should take no more than 4 hours.

    Delhi and Himachal State Transport run buses on the Delhi-Chandigarh-Chintpurni route. Buses running on the Delhi-Chandigarh-Dharamshala and Delhi-Chandigarh-Palampur route stop at either Bharwain or Chintpurni. Frequent State Transport bus services are also available from most important cities of Punjab, Haryana and Jammu and Kashmir.

  • How to reach Bharwain by Air

    Airport: Nearest airport is at Gaggal which is near Kangra. Distance to Chintpurni is about 60 km. Indian Airlines flies to Gaggal via Chandigarh. Other airports are at Amritsar (160 km) and Chandigarh (200 km).

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    Bharwain Festivals and culture

  • Bharwain Religious Places

    Main attraction here is the Chintpurni Devi Temple lying only 3 km away from Bharwain.

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    Bharwain Entertainment and Night Life

  • Bharwain Adventure

    Bharwain is an ideal base for trekkers and nature lovers.

  • Bharwain Seasonals

    Spring : About mid-February to mid-April. The winter starts losing its bite around mid-February.

    Summer : Mid-April to end of June. It is hot in summer and light cottons are recommended.

    Rainy season : July - September. Still quite warm and, of course, humid. Lots and lots of rain.

    Autumn : October - November. Days are pleasantly warm, nights are cool. May need light woollens at night or early mornings.

    Winter: December - January. It is quite pleasant during the day and you may get by with one layer of woollens. The winter nights are cold and an extra layer of woollens is required.

    In general, temperatures in Chintpurni are about 5 Celsius lower than in the Punjab and Haryana plains and in Delhi.

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    Bharwain Tips

  • Bharwain ATM's

    Punjab National Bank

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