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 Siliguri (West Bengal)

Introduction: One of the most strategically located cities in the world connecting to 3 international borders (Bangladesh, Bhutan & Nepal), the only road and rail link to North Eastern India, Sikkim, and the hills of Darjeeling. Being so located, it has a very rich mixture of different people, religions, cultures and languages.

Description: Silguri is the main commercial city of North Bengal and its importance comes from its strategic location near international and state borders. It is situated on the banks of the river Mahananda. Spread around the foothills of the eastern Himalayas, the town is an important transportation, trading and educational center.

Siliguri Quick facts

  • Siliguri Geography and Climate

    Geography: Siliguri is situated at the base of the Himalaya mountains in the plains. It is the largest city in the area (North Bengal)and 2nd largest city in West Bengal and connects the hill station towns of Gangtok, Kalimpong, Kurseong, Mirik and Darjeeling with the rest of India. The Mahananda River flows past Siliguri.

    Climate: Siliguri has three main seasons summer, winter and monsoon. Summer temperatures rarely exceed 38°C.It is considerably cooler than the southern and central regions of West Bengal. During this season, tourists from all over India stop in Siliguri en route to the cooler climes of the northern hill stations. Winters are relatively cool and temperatures range from a high of 15°C to a low of about 3°C. Light rain and dense fog are seen during this season. During the monsoon season between June and September, the town is lashed by heavy rains often cutting access to the hill stations and Sikkim. The climate is suitable for growing tea and the surrounding region has many tea gardens. Siliguri is one of the fast growing cities of India.

  • Best time to visit Siliguri

    Best time to visit the hill town is from mid-September to mid-December.

  • Siliguri Orientation

    Most of Siliguri's hotels, restaurants and services are spread along Hill Cart Road, which leads southward to NJP station via NJP station Road. Branching eastward off Hill Card Road and joining 1 km east, are Silguri's other main streets, Sevoke and Bidhan Roads.

  • Siliguri Near Getaways

    Siliguri is the gateways to Darjeeling, Sikkim, Nepal, Dooars, Bhutan and most of the North-East states of India.

  • Siliguri Distance(s)

    • Lava: 99km from Silguri via Kalimpong
    • Gorubathan:115km from Shiliguri.
    • Mongpong: 32 km drive away from Silguri

    Distance from Siliguri to
    Click on link For a list of distances from Siliguri to various cities .

  • How to reach Siliguri by Road

    There is a regular bus service from Phuentsholing in Bhutan and the Bhutanese border town of Jaigon to Siliguri. The Bhutan Government buses are the most efficient.

  • How to reach Siliguri by Rail

    New Jalpaiguri Railway Station is 6 kms south of the city centre, and is very well connected with the rest of the country.

  • How to reach Siliguri by Air

    The Bagdogra Airport is just 10 kms from the heart of Siliguri. It is well connected with most major Indian cities.

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    Siliguri Festivals and culture

  • Siliguri Festivals

    Durga Puja: The royal regalia
    Kali Puja/Diwali: The festival of lights
    Saraswati Puja: Praying to the Goddess of wisdom
    Lakshmi Puja: A must for many houses in city
    Christmas: The festive winter attraction
    Id-ul-Fitr: The all important Muslim Festival

  • Siliguri Culture

    Siliguri has recently become something of a boom town. Sprawling and boisterous, modern condominiums dominate the landscape on entering the town, followed by endless streets of market stalls which surround a core of car show rooms and shopping centers. While it is a popular place to shop and do business for people from the North East and Bhutan, there is no good reason for tourists to linger in Siliguri.

  • Siliguri Religious Places

    ISKCON Hare Krishna Mandir: A temple dedicated to Lord Krishna. The ISKCON CENTRE in Siliguri is being labelled as the biggest Krishna Centre in the whole of the North East. Lord Krishna had gone into hiding in the jungles of Baikunthapur with Rukmini at one time so Siliguri was the first choice of Iskon for making this biggest Krishna Centre in the Northeast.

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    Siliguri Entertainment and Night Life

  • Siliguri Adventure

    Gajoldoba on Tista Barrage: An hour's drive from Siliguri through the Baikunthapur forests will take you to Gajoldoba (25 km) an ideal place for bird watchers. The place has been a boon to the migratory water fouls after a dam was constructed for irrigational purposes on river Tista.The reservoir, surrounded by dense forests ofBaikunthapur, invites a large collection of water birds from Ladakh and Central Asia. Spend some leisurely hours on the spur with a binocular and watch the Brahmini ducks, Bar headed goose, Poachards, Pintails, Shovlers, mallards, black Ibis, and many species of storks, cormorants and ducks.

  • Siliguri Nightlife

    The O2 in Sinclairs is worth checking out for a nice evening drink and snacks.

  • Kidding around Siliguri

    Coronation Bridge: Between Salugara & Kalijhora is the Sevoka Bridge, built in 1930, a relic of British Excellence in design & architecture. While crossing the bridge on foot cut out the nature adds colour to pleasure.

    Monkey Point: Before reaching Coronation Bridge, you will run into groups of friendly monkeys. These monkeys can be hand -fed bread, bananas or tid-bits. Mahananda weir: 18 km, is a picnic spot inside the Mahananda Wildlife Sanctuary.

  • Siliguri Shopping

    Hong Kong Market: Where we can buy specializes in imported goods - mostly from China. We can also shop at some places like Bidhan Market, Nivedita Market,Sunflower Shopping Mall. An up-market shopping center,Cosmos Mall.

  • Siliguri Museum and Hill Stations

    Railway Exhibition: For seeing Steam Engines of narrow gauge 'c' Class, a relic of British Raj, Siliguri JN is to be visited. Art Gallery: Regular art exhibitions are bing held in Siliguri. The most important and regular site of Art Exhibition is Dina Bandhu Manch. Kalchakra Monastery: Kalchakra was 1st time organised in Salugara in December 96.

    Salugara Monastery: His eminence Kalu Rinpoche constructed a one hundred foot stupa, which contains five types of relics and is an object of veneration which will bring liberation to any one who sees it.

  • Gardens and Parks at Siliguri

    Madhuban Park: A park, developed by Indian Army, is an excellent picnic spot.

  • Lake at Siliguri

    The Teesta river is the life line of the Sikkim and Darjeeling Himalayas. Bird watching is possible.

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    Siliguri Tips

  • Siliguri Travel Tips

    • The place Siliguri is near to the Himalayas so the toursit must carry some warm clothes.
    • It is a cool place and also carry some medicines where as the climate not suits to the body temperature.

  • Siliguri Tourist Offices

    West Bengal Tourist Office,
    Hill Cart Road

  • Siliguri ATM's

    • Centurion Bank ATM (Hill Cart Road)
    • UTI Bank ATM (Sevoke Road)
    • State Bank of India (Hill Cart Road)

  • Must do at Siliguri

    Swimming at visit Viramma Club, Club Cabana: Siliguri's first and best disco. Siliguri Club.Houses the biggest swimming pool in the whole of North Bengal. Blue Mountain Club. A relaxing country-club with landscaped gardens.

    Stadiums: The Kunchenjunga stadium and the Netaji Indoor Stadium. Exhibitions and varied events.

    Tea Estate Tours: Visit the serene and spacious tea farms located in and around the city. "Savin Kingdom"- the Amusement Park

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