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 Shirdi (Maharashtra)

Shirdi is a town in the Ahmednagar district of the state Maharashtra in India. It is located at 19° 45' N, 74° 25' E, 83 km north of the city of Ahmednagar and at a distance of 15 km from the town Kopargaon. It has acquired fame as a place of pilgrimage because the Shirdi Sai Baba lived there and is buried there

Sri Sai Baba, a personification of spiritual perfection and an epitome of compassion, lived in the little village of Shirdi in the state of Maharashtra (India) for sixty years. Like most of the perfect saints he left no authentic record of his birth and early life before arriving at Shirdi. In fact, in the face of his spiritual brilliance such queries do not have much relevance.

He reached Shirdi as a nameless entity. One of the persons who first came in contact with him at Shirdi addressed him spontaneously as ‘Sai’ which means Savior, Master or Saint. ‘Baba’ means father as an expression of reverence. In the Divine play it was designed as such, that he subtly inspired this ....person to call him by this name, which was most appropriate for his self-allotted mission.

Shirdi Quick facts

  • Best time to visit Shirdi

    The best time to visit Shirdi is during the monsoons from June to August when the weather remains cool and fresh. The months of March and October are also good time to visit the place for this is the time when various festivals take place in and around Shiridi.

  • Shirdi Distance(s)

    Ahmedabad -788

    Distance from Shirdi to
    Click on link For a list of distances from Shirdi to various cities .

  • How to reach Shirdi by Road

    Mumbai - Shirdi, 296 kms, [ Mumbai - Nashik - Niphad - Yeola - Shirdi] Nashik - Shirdi, 112 kms. Aurangabad - Shirdi, 126 kms. [Aurangabad - Vaijapur Yeola - Kopargaon - Shirdi], Pune - Shirdi, 183 kms. [Pune - Kalamba - Sangamner - Talegaon - Shirdi].

    State Transport buses ply regularly from Mumbai, NAshik, Ahmednagar, Aurangabad, Pune, Kopargaon. MTDC runs a biweekly round trip bus service to Shirdi from Mumbai.

  • How to reach Shirdi by Rail

    Nearest railhead is Kopargaon, 15 kms on the Manmad - Daund Section of Central Railway.

    Station                                                                   Distance from Shirdi

    1. Manmad (Junction)                                                 58 Km
    2. Kopargaon (Daund-Manmad Line)                            16 Km

  • How to reach Shirdi by Air

    Aurangabad is the nearest airport to Shirdi located at the distance of 144 kilometers served by several domestic airlines.

    Airports                                                                         Distance from Shirdi
    Aurangabad, Maharashtra State (Domestic)                             150 Km.
    Pune, Maharashtra State (Domestic)                                       215 Km.
    Mumbai, Maharashtra State (Domestic & International              282 Km.
    Nasik, Maharashtra State, India (Domestic)                              90 Km.

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    Shirdi Festivals and culture

  • Shirdi Religious Places

    Samadhi Mandir:-This was owned by a millionaire from Nagpur and a famous Sai devotee Shreemant Gopalrao. Baba himself became Murlidhar and the temple became the Samadhi Mandir of Baba. The Mandir is built with stones and Baba's Samadhi is built with white marble stones. A railing is built in marble around the Samadhi and is full of ornamental decorations. In front of the Samadhi are two silver pillars full of decorative designs. Just behind the Samadhi is Sai Baba's marvelous statue made of Italian marble which shows him seated on a throne. This idol was made by late Balaji Vasant. This statue was installed on 7th October 1954. Above the statue is an open, silver umbrella.

    Places in ShirdiDwarkamai:- This was the place where the sage stayed until the end of his life. Main attraction of the site is the oil paintings of the sage. Baba turned it into Dwarkamai and proved that God is one. The first level of Dwarkamai has a portrait of Baba and a big stone on which Baba used to sit. This level has two rooms. One contains the chariot and the second a palkhi. Just in front of the room where the chariot is kept is a small temple. A saffron flag flies over it. The second level of Dwarkamai has a square stool made of stone, which Baba used
    for taking a bath.

    Gurusthan:- The place from where Sai Baba first came to Shirdi in the form of a Bal Yogi (child ascetic).  Sai Baba first came to Shirdi in the form of Bal Yogi - a child ascetic. He was first spotted seated under a Neem tree. This place came to be known as Gurusthan. The renovation of Gurusthan was made on 30th September, 1941. The present temple was built after this period. There is a small shrine in Gurusthan. On a elevated platform of this shrine a big portrait of Baba is placed. On the side is a marble statue of Baba. In front of the portrait is a Shivling and the Nandi. Photos of twelve Jyotirlinga are kept in the temple. At a short distance lies Baba's CHAVADI. Baba used to sleep here every alternate day.

    The Chavadi is divided into two parts. One part of the Chavadi has a large portrait of Baba along with a wooden bed where Baba used to sleep and a white chair belonging to him.

    Maruti Mandir
    It is located at some distance from the cottage of Abdul Baba where he visited with Devidas, a Bal yogi, who lived at the Mandir ten to twelve years before Baba arrived

    Lendi Baug:- At some distance from Gurusthan there is the Lendi Baug. This Baug was made and watered daily by Baba himself. It got its name from a Nalla (a drain) which used to previously flow there. Baba used to come here every morning and afternoon and take rest under a Neem tree. Baba dug a pit, 2 feet deep, under the Neem tree and kept a Deep lit in that pit. One octangular Deepgriha called Nanda Deep has been built in marble stone in memory of this place. It constantly burns in a glass box. On one side of the Deepgriha is a Peepal tree and on the other side is a Neem tree.

    Khandoba Mandir:- This temple is situated on the main road. In front of this temple Baba was welcomed by Poojari Mhalsapati, of this temple, saying "Aao Sai", when Baba stepped in Shirdi. In this temple there are icons of Khandoba, Banai and Mhalsai.

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    Shirdi Entertainment and Night Life

  • Shirdi Shopping

    There are several shops in Shirdi that sell photos and effigies of Sai Baba. Books and posters of Sai Baba are the things to look for in the village of Shirdi.

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