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 Ranipet (Tamil Nadu)

Ranipet, Vellore (Ranipettai in Tamil) is a locality and part of Vellore city in the state of Tamil Nadu in southern India. It is a medium-sized community located about 26 kilometers from the Vellore city center and 100 kilometers from Chennai, the fourth largest urban area in India. It is a main junction in the Chennai-Bangalore highway.

However, the city has been a victim of serious groundwater pollution by heavy metals and is considered as one among the most toxic places. With growth in the IT industry, kids and youngsters educate themselves and move out of the town to find appropriate job opportunities. There has been a huge brain-drain in the past decade due to insufficient opportunities for technology workers. Most of the educated workforce move out to the nearest metropolitan city, Chennai or others such as Bangalore, Bombay, Delhi, etc. Some others even end up finding the right opportunity through consulting firms in the United states where their skills are valued with proper use.