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 Jorhat (Assam)

Introduction: Jorhat is one of the towns in the state Assam. Jorhat, the nerve centre of the Indian tea industry, is surrounded by splendid tea gardens. Jorhat has various institutions. The world renowned Teklai Experimental Centre where research is carried out to find new varieties of tea and to determine the therapeutic effects of green tea is situated here. 
History: Jorhat was the capital of Ahom Kings, with its renowned cultural heritage. It is the city of tea with its favourite climatic condition. A Tea-Research Centre is established at 5 km away at Chinnamata. Annual Tea Festival in Jorhat is another attraction, along with Temple of Buri Gohan, British Imperial mementos. The chief attraction of Jorhat is the 776 sq km Majhali or sandy land rising out of the bed of Brahmaputra.
 Majuli island, the largest in the world, is inhabited by Deori tribals.
 Description: Jorhat has become one of the most visited cities in Assam. There are number of attractions that have captured the imagination of the tourists. Every attraction is unique in itself like the Gibbon Wildlife Sanctuary that is more famous for primates than for tigers or rhinoceros. It is also home to the world's largest riverine island.

Jorhat Quick facts

Distance from Jorhat to
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  • How to reach Jorhat by Road

    ASTC buses run to Guwahati, Tezpur, Sibsagar, Tinsukia, Dimapur and Itanagar and Kaziranga . Private buses are also available. Alternatively, one can take bus or taxi to reach Niyamati Ghat and cross the river by ferryboat or launch over to Majuli.

  • How to reach Jorhat by Rail

    Jorhat railway station is on the Marketing-Mariani branch railway station. There are also bus services to Mariani, the nearest mainline railway station, where two express trains run to Tinsukia, Dimapur, and Lumding

  • How to reach Jorhat by Air

    Jorhat is well connected by air, with daily flights from Guwahati, and four flights a week from Calcutta . The airport is situated 5-km out of town and can be reached by rickshaw, auto-rickshaw or Indian Airlines buses.

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    Jorhat Festivals and culture

  • Jorhat Culture

    The cultural environment which prevails in Jorhat is the result of untiring effort of people to preserve its culture. Jorhat has been able to produce many creative writers, historians, journalists etc. The only Assamese to win highest award of literature in India (GYANPITH) also happens to be from Jorhat. Apart from it, Jorhat is the home of internationally reputed ideologist and educationist like Krishna Kanta Handique, former Vice Chancellor of Gauhati University.

  • Jorhat Religious Places

    Dhekiakhowa Bar Namghar: Situated close to Majuli Island, Dhokia Khowa Bar Namghar is a place of worship for Hindus. It was built  by Saint Madhav Deb and its construction was completed in the year 1539. It took around 42 years to complete the grand structure.

  • Jorhat Monuments

    Majuli Island: There are number of Sutras(Monasteries) on the island that one can visit to understand the lifestyle of people living here. Around a decade ago, there were nearly 65 Sutras on the island, but the number has drastically reduced to 22. This is because, every year, large chunk of Majuli gets disintegrated due to floods. This forced them to move to the main land on the shores of River Brahmaputra.

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    Jorhat Entertainment and Night Life

  • Gardens and Parks at Jorhat

    Gibbon Wildlife Sanctuary: Covering an area of 1915 hectares, it was given the status of a wildlife sanctuary in the year 1997 by Assam Government. The main attractions of the park are many different species of primates that are found here. In a normal wildlife park, it is said that, it  is tougher to sight a primate than a tiger. But sighting a primate is far more easier in Gibbon Wildlife Sanctuary.

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