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 Jabalpur (Madhya Pradesh)

History:  According to local fables and lore, Jabalpur was the 'tapasya bhumi' (meditation centre) of a mythological sage known as 'Jabalie', from whom the name Jabalpur is derived. The name of the place even finds a mention in the ancient epics like Mahabharata, highlighting its antiquity. Endowed with mythology, the city also has a lot of historical significance, as it was the pleasure resort and capital of the erstwhile gond kings, during the 12th century. It later served as the imperial seat of the Kalchuri dynasty also. Marathas ruled Jabalpur, from whom the British appropriated the place during the colonial empire.

Description: Jabalpur is located in Madhya pradesh, a province earlier known as the central province. The city is also known by a typical hindi name, sanskardhani, or a veritable urn of culture. The city was the favorite of  kings and maharajas looking for relaxation amid hills, lakes and waterfalls. Jabalpur is bathed by the holy river Narmada on three sides. The hills of Jabalpur, with varied mineral content are the preferred destination for geologists and archeologists. Paleontologists, with the finding of a fossilized dinosaur, come in hordes looking for some more clues on the world before the last Ice age.

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