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 Baratang Island (Andaman and Nicobar Islands)

Baratang Island is one of the biggest islands lying between South Andaman and Middle Andaman. It is about 100 km from Port Blair in Andaman District. 

Abundant with marine life, this island is well forested. A large number of people from Ranchi of Bihar have been residing here for years and most of them have accepted Christianity. They are working in the forest department and at other places.

Baratang Island Quick facts

  • Baratang Island Geography and Climate

    Baratang Island is located at about 100 Km off the Capital city of Port Blair on the NH 223 (known as Andaman Trunk Road) towards Diglipur. The total length of the Island is around 22 Kms and totally separated by Creeks on both sides. It lies between latitudes 11º  46’  10”  and 12º  18’  35” North and between longitudes 92º  36’  55” and 92º 10’  40” East.The island has dense Tropical Forests of all types ranging from tidal swamp forest to Evergreen to littoral forests laced with sandy beaches along its coast at Baludera, Roglachang etc. The presence of Mud Volcano near Jarawa Creek and limestone caves in Nayadera is a rare attraction for tourists, as it is present only at few places in the world and these are truly wonders of nature and a must see sights. In addition the mangrove ecosystem is an attraction to bird lovers and nature enthusiasts, as biodiversity rich areas which harbors diverse flora and fauna. The Parrot Island is a natural habitat for parrots in this region. Thousands of parrots returning home before every sunset is a unique and must see view for all nature lovers. The Parrot Island is the best experience for the tourists visiting to Baratang. If your tour to the Andaman & Nicobar Islands does not cover Parrot Island, it is going to be a real loss. Just make it a point to add Parrot Island in Your Andaman tour Itinerary.


    These islands have a tropical climate which is warm, moist and equable. The temperature rangers from 18º C to 34ºC. The proximity of the sea and the abundant rainfall prevent extremes of heat. An average of 3000 mm per year is received from south west and north east monsoons which extend over a period of eight months. The extent of rainfall may vary with island. The humidity is high varying from 66 to 85%. In normal conditions the wind speed is fairly constant (5 knots per hour) but during cyclonic weather it may go as high as 12 to 13 knots per hour.

  • Best time to visit Baratang Island

    Best Season :October To May         

    Monsoon      :June to August

  • Baratang Island Near Getaways

    The added advantage of Baratang island is that, it is connected by road from Port Blair and accessible throughout the year.
    The major tourists spots like Lalaji Bay Beach, Merk Bay Beach, Spike Island etc. are easily accessible from Baratang and are reachable within 30 to 45 min by sea. To Travel towards North Andaman also it is very convenient, since the main highway leading towards Diglipur passes by Baratang Island.
    Lime Stone cave is around 8 Kms from Baratang Jetty via boats. This natural growing caves are made up of lime stone surrounding beautiful green jungle. The lime caves, full of splendid stalagmites, stalactites and pillar rocks, can be accessed by a 40-minute boat ride through the creeks The boat passes through beautiful creek full of mangroves from the Nilambur Jetty, it is great life time experience for incoming tourists. And about 15-minute trek further through village and forest. It gives an immense sense of adventure to the tourist.   

    Baratang contains the only known examples of mud Valcano in India . A mud volcano started erupting at Baratang Island , Middle Andamans on 18th February 2003 . There was a minor fissure eruption at the same site before 1983. This type of fissures are common at Baratang through which mud and gas constantly seeps out. The last major eruption occurred in March, 1983, which was of larger magnitude compared to the recent eruption. The present eruption covers an area of 1,000 sq m to 1,200 sq m and has resulted in the formation of the sub-circular mound of about 30 m in diameter and height of about 2 m at the center. Mud volcanoes are vents in the earth which emits gas and mud.  This is a rare phenomenon and is found in only select places around the globe.  In our country, Andamans is the only place where such volcanoes are found.  

    The Baludera beach, situated at a distance of 9 km from Nilambur, is a safe bay on the eastern side of Baratang Island .  The beach has eco-friendly huts and tree top huts.  One can also enjoy the ride elephants.

    Rangat, One can enjoy the quiet village life and solitude of virgin nature here. Rangat has untouched sandy beaches and rich foliage of evergreen trees You can also breathe unpolluted air, a rare commodity for the city dweller. Cutbert Bay Beach (20 kms. away from Rangat bazaar/jetty) is a turtle nesting ground. One can view the nesting of turtles during December_February season. Hawksbill Nest, guest house of the Directorate of Tourism, is near to the Cutbert bay beach and Turtle Sanctuary. Panchavati water fall and Amkunj beach are on the way to Cutbert Bay .
    The Mayabundar, is about 240 Kms, Situated in the northern part of Middle Andaman connected via two vehicle ferries from Port Blair. Mayabunder is a perfect touist/holiday spot in an unpolluted environment with an rare scenic beauty and beautiful changes. Mayabunder, inhabited by the settlers from Burma, East Pakistan and ex-convicts, Mayabunder has a distinct culture. A Wide beautiful beach at Avis Island is about 30 minutes far which connected via boat journey from Mayabunder, Karmatamg beach (13 kms.) and mangrove lined creeks are the attractions. Karmatang beach is also a turtle nesting ground. One can view, nesting of turtles during December-February season.   
    Diglipur , is about 350KMs far from Port Blair and a rare experience of sea, green plantation, and full of fun for the eco-friendly tourists. It is  famous for production of oranges, rice and underwater marine life. during the journey of Diglipur, One can feel the innocent beauty of village life everywhere. Kalipur beach is about 18 kms far from Diglipur Village market. At Kalipur Beach , one can enjoy the view of Saddle Peak (732 metres), the highest point in this Andaman islands . The entire peak is covered in rich evergreen forest, which is declared as a national park. The birds were aplenty and observe the scarlet minivets to the racquet-tailed drongo who were great mimics, trying to confuse us with the sound of the koel.
    It is popular for trekking/nature trail through the evergreen rain forest. Adventurous nature lovers can explore the lovely dark and deep forests while trekking to the peak. Those who interested to go for trekking to Saddle Peak can collect trekking equipments on hire from Turtle Resort and start trekking from Kalipur. There after visit to Kalpong river, the only river of Andaman flows from Diglipur. The first hydroelectric project of the islands is coming upon this river is nearby. Ram Nagar, another of the white sandy beaches, is 10 km east of Kalighat. This beach is famous for Turtle nesting during December – February season.  For adventure seekers, there is trekking to the forest and villages.  At Pathilevel, explore the Chalis Ek caves (which are also accessible by boat from Mayabunder in Middle Andaman Island ).   

    Ross and Smith, the twin islands joined by a wide range of sand bar is gorgeous spot for incoming tourists. It is witness of sand bar that connects two islands coming up from the sea to be sunk after few hours. This twin island is 30 minutes away via boat journey  from Aerial bay jetty or Kalipur water sports centre. The shallow beaches are suitable for swimming, snorkeling and it is surrounded by coral reefs. while Snorkelling into the sea close to Ross and Smith Islands with sand bars in between, each reef row seemed to have its own kind of fish to look at the various shapes and the incredible colouration of tropical fish will never cease to amaze. It also ideal for turtle-nesting. Directorate of Tourism offers island camping at Smith island during the tourist season. The tourist must have to visit these islands while they reach Diglipur from Port Blair.

  • Baratang Island Distance(s)

    Chennai to Port Blair-1190 Kms
     Kolkata to Port Blair-1255 Kms
      Vizag to PortBlair-1085 Kms

  • How to reach Baratang Island by Air

    Port Blair is connected with Delhi, Chennai and Kolkata by air. Presently flights are operated by

    No.                    Name of Flights                                     sector

    1.                       Indian Airlines                             Chennai - Port Blair - Chennai 
                                                                                      Kolkata - Port Blair - Kolkata
    2.                      Jet Airways                                     Chennai - Port Blair - Chennai  
                                                                                       Kolkata - Port Blair - Kolkata

    3.                       SpiceJet                                          Kolkata - Port Blair - Kolkata

    5.                       Air Deccan                                     Chennai - Port Blair - Chennai
                                                                                        Kolkata - Port Blair - Kolkata

    6.                      Jet Lite                                              Port Blair - Kolkata - Delhi
                                                                                        Delhi - Kolkata - Port Blair

  • How to reach Baratang Island by Water

    Regular passenger ship services are available to Port Blair from Chennai, Kolkata and Vishakhapatnam and back. There are three to four sailings every month from Kolkata and Chennai to Port Blair and vice-versa. There is one sailing from Vishakhapatnam in a month. The voyage takes about 50 to 60 hours and the ship normally berths at Port Blair for about two to four days.

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    Baratang Island Entertainment and Night Life

  • Baratang Island Adventure

    For special interest groups activities like jungle trekking, Creek safari, Island camping, Beach tours, Bird tours, scuba diving and snorkeling trips can be arranged from Baratang.

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    Baratang Island Tips

  • Not to do at Baratang Island

        *  Do not waste time in visiting everything what the locals – other tourists – travel guide trumpets. Covering each of the points is a long journey either by boat or road – in whichever the case the journey can be extremely time and energy consuming.
      * The places like limestone caves, mud volcano are boring and disappointing. Unless you have specific interest in it, do not bother to waste a long day which would start at 3:40AM while you plan to visit these two places.

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