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 Aizawal (Mizoram)

Introduction: Aizawl is the capital of the state of Mizoram. This scenic place is surrounded with natural beauty and has been upgrading itself to suit the     needs of the  rising rate of the forgein and as well as local visitors. 
History: The Mizos belong to the Mongoloid race, and are originally from the Shan State of Burma. Mizoram was made a part of Assam in 1891 by the British. With Independence, Mizoram became a district of Assam and Mizoram was made a State of Indian Union on 20th February 1987.
 Description: Aizwal, the largest city in the state of Mizoram, is  still very remote, but the influence of the modern world can be seen very clearly here. It is the seat of a rich tribal cultural extravaganza and is famous for its handicrafts. The town is blessed with exotic natural beauty. While the river Tlawng flows quietly on the east, on the north, one can see the jagged hills of Durtlang. Aizawl is nestled at a height of 3715 feet  from sea level, and is a religious and cultural centre  of the Mizos.

Aizawal Quick facts

  • Aizawal Geography and Climate

    Aizawl is just north of the Tropic of Cancer in the northern part of Mizoram. It is situated on a ridge 1132 metres (3715 feet) above sea level, with the Tlawng River valley to its west and the Tuirial River valley to its east. In  summer the temperature ranges from 20-30 degrees Celsius, and in the winter 11-21 degrees Celsius. Aizawl has a mild and very pleasant climate. It is generally cool in summer and not very cold in winter.

  • Best time to visit Aizawal

    Although it may lack a snowy Himalayan backdrop, it has something of the feel of a Himalayan hill station. It is generally cool during  summer  with temperatures ranging from 20 to 30°C and heavy rains during the months of May to September. Winter temperatures range from 10 to 20°C. Fog is common in this place, and the first rays of the sun drive it away to make way for the mountain peaks-a sight that often attracts many tourists.

  • Aizawal Near Getaways

    Taxis are the only available option to explore Aizaw's surrounding sights. You can rent one or share it with other people. Feast your eyes on the beauty of nature and tribal lives of simple rural folk.

  • Aizawal Distance(s)

    • Dampa : 133km Kolasib : 142km
    • Vantawng : 142km
    • Champhai : 192km
    • Lunglei : 235km
    • Phawngpui: 300km Saiha : 388km

    Distance from Aizawal to
    Click on link For a list of distances from Aizawal to various cities .

  • How to reach Aizawal by Road

    Visitors to Aizawl city usually take bus from Silchar via National Highway No. 44. Most of the private buses operating on the Aizawl-Silchar route run overnight, except for Mizoram State Transport's buses that run during the day.

  • How to reach Aizawal by Rail

    Nearest Railhead is Silchar (Assam) which is 180 km. Buses take 8 hrs and light vehicles 6 hrs

  • How to reach Aizawal by Air

    Alliance Air operates flight from Calcutta - Aizawl - Imphal - Aizawl thrice a week. These  flights are operated on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Indian Airlines flight is also available from Calcutta - Aizawl daily and Aizawl - Guwahati thrice a week.

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    Aizawal Festivals and culture

  • Aizawal Festivals

    Mizoram is known for its jhum crops and the people of the region celebrate the festivals related to it with traditional gay and pomp. In the months of February to March the clearing of the jungles to make way for sowing is celebrated through the festival of Chapchar Kut. The harvest festival is celebrated during the month of December and is called Pawl Kut. Another festival, Mim Kut, is celebrated after the maize harvest in September in honour of the departed souls. The birth of Christ, and New Year Day are also major festivals. The Mizos are famous for their Bamboo dance. Cheraw, Chheih Lam, Solakar or Sarlamkai are other famous dances.

  • Aizawal Culture

    Aizawl is inhabited mainly by the Mizo tribal people, who have a distinctive culture of their own. Being the largest city in the state, and the head quarter of Aizawl District, it is also a political, religious and cultural hub of the Mizo people. The Mizo code of ethics or Dharma moved around "Tlawmngaihna", an untranslatable term meaning on the part of everyone to be hospitable, kind, unselfish and helpful to others.

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    Aizawal Entertainment and Night Life

  • Kidding around Aizawal

    Vantawng: 137 kms from Aizawl are the largest and most magnificent falls in Mizoram.The Vantawng Falls  is surrounded by a lush forest teeming with bamboo groves. This is a place of awe- inspiring beauty.

  • Aizawal Shopping

    Bara Bazar: This is the main shopping centre with stalls selling garments and other commodities. The main bazaar is where the people are best seen in their traditional costumes selling produce from farms and homesteads including river crabs with little wicker baskets. 
    Luangmual Handicarfts Centre: 7 Kms away takes half an hour to reach by car. The 'Khumbeu' ceremonial bamboo hat is made here using waterproof 'hnahthial' leaves

  • Famous To Eat at Aizawal

    The food habits here are very basic. Most of the food is cooked in less oil, if none at all. Bamboo is an important ingredient in all Mizo food. Most people are non-vegetarians here and fish and meat are a part of almost every meal.

  • Aizawal Museum and Hill Stations

    Mizoram State Museum: This museum is situated at Mc Donald Hill in the town centre. Open from  Monday - Friday from 9:00 A.M to 5 PM. Saturday 9 AM to 1 PM. Though small, it has an interesting collection of historical relics, ancient costumes and traditional implements.
     Durtlang Hills: These beautiful, craggy hills offer a good view of Aizawl.

  • Gardens and Parks at Aizawal

    Murlen National Park Situated about 245 kms. east of Aizawl, this Park lies close to the Indo-Myanmar border. It accommodates Tigers, Chamber Deer, Himalayan Bear, Barking Deer, Serow and many varieties of birds and orchids.

  • Lake at Aizawal

    Tamdil Lake: It is a natural beautiful lake, 85 kms. from Aizawl near Saitual village in the midst of cool, virgin forest offering an ideal picnic spot for tourists. It has boating facilities for the tourists.

  • Aizawal Seasonals

    Paddy, maize, mustard, sugarcane, sesame and potatoes are the other prominent crops grown in this area.

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    Aizawal Tips

  • Aizawal Travel Tips

    Light cottons for summer and woollens for winter. Even in summer, the evenings tend to be cool .So do carry a light wrap with you. Carry your own bed sheets and pillow covers if you are staying in a hotel to maintain your own standards of cleanliness. Always make sure to drink Mineral water.

  • Aizawal ATM's

    State Bank of India UCO Bank Vijaya Bank MUCO Bank Apex Bank Mizoram Rural Ban

  • Must do at Aizawal

    There is plenty to do when you visit Mizoram ,and one of the exciting things to do is to explore nearby places of tourist interest. Bung and Paikhai, Vantawang, Tamdil, Saiha, Phawngpuri,Champhai are the important places to visit which comes under to things must do.

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